DIY Citrus Cleaner

I started making citrus cleaner out of a desire to use my leftovers from juicing. After squeezing citrus, the house smells terrific orange essence is in the air, on my clothes, and in my hair. It was always a bummer to take this pile of orange peels, glistening with oil and discard them. So, I did a bit of research and found that you could infuse the peels into rubbing alcohol and make a nice citrus cleaner. This experiment was such a tremendous success that I use this homemade cleanser regularly. Now there is one less thing I need to buy at the store, and It is free of the chemicals that exist in store-bought cleaners.

What you need
• 1- half gallon glass jar with a tight-fitting lid
• 1-quart glass jar with a tight-fitting lid
• 32 ounces of rubbing alcohol
• Leftover orange rinds (any citrus works great!)
• A spray bottle
• Masking tape and a marker
• A funnel
• A small fine mesh strainer

Take the half gallon glass jar and fill with orange rinds, then add the rubbing alcohol. I like to label the jar “orange cleaner” using the masking tape. After the jar is full and labeled put the lid on tight and shake thoroughly. The jar can now sit somewhere for the next week or two, being shaken occasionally. The cleaner is ready when you say so, the citrus oil will infuse into the alcohol creating a beautiful orange color. Now you can drain the infused alcohol into your quart jar using the strainer and funnel. Congratulations you have just created your very own homemade citrus cleaner!

Around my house, we use this stuff for crusty oily messes. Full strength it makes a nice degreaser, working well on heavy duty jobs. Our most common use is a general surface cleaner, cut the cleanser with 50 % water add a squirt of dish soap, for everyday use. It feels great to know exactly what is in your cleaning products. We spray these things everywhere and in doing so we leave a little residue that inevitably ends up in us. Making this simple citrus cleaner is fun, easy, saves money and reduces the number of unneeded chemicals in our home.

• Take care when using this on surfaces like granite counters or clear coats as it can mar the finish
• When in doubt test cleaner on a small area before use
• Put in a safe place away from children
• Rubbing alcohol is not for internal use
• Shake well before use

This creation has become a staple around the Sage Country kitchen. We are constantly making greasy messes and this homemade degreaser gets the job done. We make this in large batches and use it as needed. You could do small batches, it is so easy to do. Next time I will talk about my other favorite home-made cleaning product, Citrus infused vinegar! What natural cleaning tips do you have to share?

Live Simply, Live Free
Brandon Grover BA, HHP

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