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  • Field Botany – Looking at plants
  • Flower and Plant Terminology
  • Common Family Characteristics
  • How to use a plant key
  • Identifying ecosystems based on plants and elevations
  • Flower dissection
  • Plant associations

Botany is the scientific study and categorization of plants, ecology is the study of connections in the environment. While understanding botany is not necessary to understand plant medicine, it deepens our relationship with plants and teaches us to shift our gaze and learn from a different perspective. To spend time getting to know the plant parts, zones of growth, companion plants & peak flowering time, helps to paint the vast canvas that is life and our interconnectedness within. Teaching botany has taught me to slow down, see beyond what is in front of me and create relationships with the plants throughout their cycles. I have a deeper understanding of using plant medicine due to these relationships.

Topics covered include looking at plants throughout their growth cycle, plant family characteristics, botanical terminology, common look a-likes, defining poisonous plants, related plants, creating relationships with plants that grow around you, flower assessment, and much more.