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  •  Plant actions and energetics
  •  Organ system affinity
  •  Incorporating herbs into our daily lives, culinary, nutrition, topical, internal, first-aid, etc
  •  Bioregional Herbalism
  •  Matching herbs to person, place and symptoms
  •  Formulation – combining herbs
  •  Medicine Making
  •  Constitutional Theory – How are we similar and how are we different. 

Welcome to the exciting world of herbs. Everyone on the planet has a relationship with plants whether we realize it or not. From food and medicine, textiles, arts and crafts, building materials, plants are woven into our life experience. The common theme of this site is raising our quality of life, and herbs play a central role. We will be covering plant actions and energetics, how and why to use culinary herbs for food and medicine, tea formulation for you and your garden using roots, leaves and flowers, constitutional theory, creating your relationship with herbs and their clinical uses and list goes on. Working with nature as part of my community is one of my greatest passions and I’m so excited to share it with you!