What’s the Field Apprenticeship?

The Sage Country Herbs Botanical field Apprenticeship is a 5 month program where we meet 2-3 times per month for all day field trips and 2-3 times per month for a 3 hour lecture. The field trips are on either Saturday or Sunday and the Lectures are on Wednesday evenings.

It’s an introductory program combining herbal actions and energetics of our local flora with learning botany and ecology, ethical wildcrafting, processing of fresh plant medicines, wild food foraging, etc.

While field botany is not a requirement to be an herbalist, understanding the scientific categorization of plants in their chosen growing environments creates a relationship with the plant that goes beyond the concept what the plant can do for us or of using a plant for a symptom.

Ultimately the foundation of this program is creating relationships with our local ecosystems, plants, fellow herbal enthusiast and with ourselves. To recognize that we are all part of nature, not separate from it.

We have numerous guest teachers covering a variety of topics from mycology (mushrooms), flower essences, indigenous uses of plants and acorn processing.

A 2 hour interview is the path to learning more and registering. We go over the details and expectations of the program and you can see our communication style.

The class usually fills up pretty quickly since we only take 16 people in the field program. However one can choose to just do the lecture program alone for a reduced cost.

Let us know any questions or if you wish to set up an interview!


What if the  field apprenticeship is full?

We only take 16 people on 2 field classes with no more than 8 people per field class.

If the class is full, we still recommend interviewing to get on the waitlist. From there we contact you in July after the field apprenticeship is over but before we begin interviews for the next year. You will have the first opportunity to sign up for the 2018 field Apprenticeship, you will not have to interview again.

Option 2 is the lecture portion of the apprenticeship, Materia Medica of Southwest Plants is available as a solo class without the field.


What do you do at SCH?

Sage Country Herbs is a school and product line developed by me, Shana Lipner Grover.

Our main focus is the Botanical Field Apprenticeship that runs January through May. We teach Botany (scientific study of plants) Ecology, herbal medicine with a focus of what grows here in the southwest, ethical wildcrafting, common uses, medicine making, etc it’s all listed on the website under apprenticeship.

Sage Country Herbs also offers one day workshops, plant walks, and other classes open to the public throughout the year.  We also are a hub for hosting other herbalist and educators from around the country.

A main focus on Sage Country Herbs is being a connection for folks to nature, plants, the environment and other people involved in sustainability like farmers.  We host numerous classes at farms and work to get more people growing food and medicine as well as coming to farms to develop relationships with the farmers and the plants. Its a great way to participate in sustainability even if you don’t have a garden/sustainability project yourself.

Should I go into herbal medicine as a career change?


What is herbal medicine?


What are other herbal things going on in southern california?

Other things you should get involved in include

San Diego Herbalist Guild https://www.facebook.com/sandiegoherbguild

Southern California Herbal Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoCalHerbalCommunity/

and our local herbal conference

Seeds TerraVita Herbal Symposium https://www.facebook.com/SeedsSouthernCaliforniaHerbalSymposium