Welcome to Sage Country Herbs.

It’s a pleasure to personally welcome you to the new Sage Country Herbs website.


    We’re preparing for our official launch and are offering this mini sample course to test things and to create something fun for people to experience. After you complete this you will be given an opportunity to share your experience and to give us valuable constructive feedback.

    Thank you for your participation.


    This new site is the manifestation of a longtime dream to create a resource center with all kinds of great information on plant medicine, foundational health, nutrition, recipes as well as many fun DIY tutorials on how to make healthy & delicious foods to fuel you and your family.

    For the past twenty years, my personal quest has been in the pursuit of deep study

    and personal discovery of herbal medicine, nutrition, physiology, botany, ecology and understanding the balance of nature.  Sage Country Herbs is the culmination of that study, which first started as a field school and herbal product line. Through my experience, what truly strokes my passion for life has been to inspire, uplift and empower students to take responsibility for their health. I have seen students, hungry for education and life experience, create healthy changes in themselves, their families and communities. I’ve seen people start businesses, farms, product lines, etc; all with the intention of being a positive force in their communities, because this is where real change happens!

    Originally the mission of Sage Country Herbs was focused on ecology and connecting people to the natural world around them. Over the years the mission has shifted to conservation and connection, to nature, to our food, to farmers, to our local ecosystems, to the weeds that grow around us and have so much to give!

    I’m a forever student because I love to learn so another great perk of Sage Country Herbs is hosting other educators. The beauty of education is there are many different perspectives to explore, with both in person and online classes.

    With this new launch and future additions to the site, we have some very exciting plans to share with you. We will be launching some online courses that we hope you with find both fun and informative. This is a work in progress and will continue to grow with the seasons of life, with new courses added continuously.

    We will also be offering specialized tracks of study based on your focus and interest.  With these courses and modules, students will have the ability to receive a Certificate upon completion.


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    Your interest and involvement, as well as your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, are most welcome. Please let us know what you’re most interested in are and what you would like to see in the future. After teaching holistic nutrition for a decade (complete with providing healthy and delicious food, many students have shared that they want to see a library of recipes that they can make at home.

    We are creating an itinerary and calendar of events so you can stay up to date on our courses offerings and special programs. Given this, I would like to personally invite you to sign up for our Newsletter that is full of recipes, upcoming events, educational bits, as well as nature-based musings from the garden.

    I look forward to connecting with you all as we get things underway.

    This is just the beginning of something I’ve been visioning for a very long time and now it’s real and I welcome your involvement and participation.

    With great respect, love and light,

    Welcome to Sage Country Herbs!

    Shana Lipner Grover


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    Our live classes at Sage Country Herbs are our passion. There is no substitute for being in nature, learning & growing. Please fill out the form below with your email and the name & date of the class you are interested in.       

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    See you in nature!

    Brandon & Shana